Toro Vortex Lawn Mower Won't Start It's easy to master, durable and ready for a challenge. Outdoor Gasoline and Electric Powered Equipment and Small Engines - Lawn mower won't run after gas tank overfill - I have a lawn mower with a Briggs & Stratton. So, if you hear your lawn mower made a loud pop and won’t start, don’t ignore it. These engines are designed to run on a mixture of gas and oil. Toro Lawn Mower Cutting Blade Replacement. It is a violation of California Public Resource Code Section 4442 or 4443 to use or operate the engine on any forest-covered, brush-covered, or grass-covered land unless the engine is equipped with a spark arrester, as defined in Section 4442, maintained in effective working order or the engine is constructed, equipped, and maintained for the prevention of fire. 5 minutes running and now it won't start. How To Turn Off a Lawn Mower – Quick, safe solutions. The first step in diagnosing problems with lawn mower starter parts is to make sure the engine can rotate properly by disconnecting the spark plug leads, removing the spark plugs, and turning the crankshaft over slowly by hand. In this guide, we’ll break down the common reasons behind …. Once done inserting it, don’t turn it. There could be several reasons for this and it will likely involve a bit of investigation on your part. Set the brake on the lawn mower. Guide: 20 Reasons Your Troy. My Toro TimeMaster (30") 223cc Personal Pace Self-Propelled Lawn Mower was mowing the lawn but then as my son was cutting the thicker grass, the lawn mower puffed out white smoke. Besides these, it could be an issue with the …. Restart the lawnmower by inserting the rubber spark plug boot again. Also, you need to be careful not to overtighten this bolt. This switch hasn’t just come loose; its terminal has come away. Next, use your socket wrench and remove the two mounting bolts that are holding the solenoid to the frame of the lawn mower. Now, I pull and pull, but engine won’t start. com/fuelfacts for more information What's The Right Gas For My Lawn Mower? Watch on My Lawn Mower Won't Start. There’s one main reason why a lawn mower can be harder to start when the weather is colder – the oil. Toro Recycler 60V Max 22 Review. 5HP Briggs & Stratton twin cylinder engine. A zero-turn lawn mower starts and then dies when it isn’t receiving the air, fuel, or spark it requires to run. Fuel Valve On Your Toro Mower Is In The Off Position 3. Even though the mower won’t start, there could still be a charge in the spark plug that could fire up the engine. Toro 21” 60V Battery Personal Pace Super Recycler lawn mower …. Take a pair of insulated pliers and pull the boot off the spark plug. 12AVA29Q711 12AVB26M011 13AJ609G766 …. You should have more than 10 volts. This model features a powerful 150cc Briggs and Stratton engine with a durable 22 inch steel deck frame for you to enjoy for years to come. KOHLER - TORO TUNE UP - Lawnmower Won't Start. Needle and seat not leaking when shut off. ) 20 fl oz (US) Power Type: Gas: Product Weight (lb. Who Makes Murray Lawn Mowers?. to/2OoxQP7*PULL START ROPE: https://amzn. Your mower will instantly shut off. Make sure the blades are disengaged when starting the mower. Spark Plug: Clean and change the Spark Plug of your Mower regularly. Riding Mower Won’t Start When Cold (This is why). ; Thrown object hazard—keep bystanders away. Top 5 Ways To Fix A LAWN MOWER That WON'T START (Fix It In. How to Clean Your Riding Mower Carburetor: Step. Have a rag available to soak up any remaining fuel in the bowl. My Scag lawn mower won’t start. Diagnosed the starter solenoid was bad and replaced it and voila. Before you troubleshoot, don't overlook the obvious -- check the fuel level first, because even bullish Toro mowers can't start without gas. Although these can be fitted with a straight shaft too but they are higher priced units. Weed Eater Won’t Start: Why And How To Fix. Troubleshooting 10 Common Toro Problems & Solutions Toro Mower Won’t Start. Its in decent shape but won't start. Updated : September 8, 2023 Imagine a beautiful, lush lawn, and you're all set to mow it with your trusty Toro lawn mower. Your Toro push mower starting problem is often caused by old gas, a dirty carburetor, or a clogged fuel filter. They start the first time, every time, move at your pace and are easy to maintain and store. recycler mowers model years 2002-2015. Remove – Remove the air filter, by pressing the two plastic tabs. Check out how easy this fix ends up being. Apr 18, 2011 / Toro Mower wont start #2 Apr 21, 2011 / Toro Mower wont start #9 alright. Sent it to repair shop and had carb rebuilt ~1 month ago. Save up to 70%* more space in your garage, leaving room in your garage for the things that matter with Toro's Recycler Smartstow series. How to Fix Hydrolock in a Mower. If you are not getting at least 9 volts to the starter it won't work. Why Lawn Mower Won't Start After Tilting. Try replacing the spark plug with a new one. This repair only pertains to this specific engine, other lawn mowers. It would help if you always tilted it, so the air filter faces upward. This doesn’t apply to all gas string trimmers but only those with a two stroke engine. You should have when attempting to start the mower. Generally, a self-propelled lawn mower comes with an engine oil capacity of up to 0. Firstly, check to see that the carburetor is securely attached to the engine. Get Ready for Spring with Kubota Mowers. Remove Torx screws securing engine cover insert. Tighten the bolts so that the coil can’t move. Why Buying from Local Toro Lawn Mower Dealers is a Smart Choice. While SAE 30 motor oil is commonly recommended for lawn mower engines, each engine manufacturer’s recommendation may be unique and might include …. Shown is a Briggs and Stratton engine. It has to burn off the residual oil, so just allow it to. Guaranteed to start engine not so great. Buying from a trusted dealer ensures that you have access to quality products and reliable customer service. Best Budget Riding Lawn Mower: Craftsman R110 Riding Lawn Mower. With a high-quality, user-friendly design, the Toro 22 in. Elsewhere, Toro seems to have begun raising prices this weekend on their battery mowers (and perhaps the gas ones, although I don't keep track of those personally). If that doesn’t work, you might have a clogged filter. That's our Vortex Technology giving you Lawn Vitamins for …. You also can’t tilt the lawnmower, so the air filter is down. Apr 26, 2015 / ENGINE won't REV UP. Poke a bread tie wire through the small hole of the main jet and clean it up. Check the oil level; low oil can prevent the engine from starting. This step isolates the dash wire harness. #3 Make sure the "dead man's handle" control on the mower is held fully against the mower handle while starting. If your Toro lawn mower won't start, start by checking the fuel tank to ensure it's not empty. Fix 10 Common Toro Lawn Mower Problems & Solutions. There is sufficient fresh fuel in the fuel tank. Unboxing Assembling Reviewing Toro Vortex 22" Recycler lawn mower 21465 #newvideo #lawnmower #subcribemychannel. It is Power-Propelled and has Eletric Start. (more on this below) The diagnosis and fix are covered here in this post, but if you. If your getting spark then it maybe compression. If there’s black smoke exhaust coming out of the mower, this is likely the cause. This spring I put fresh gas and oil in it, sharpened the blade, charged the battery and turned the key. I can help you fix it! If your lawn mower won't start, or if it won't stay running, the likely cause is "gunk" (a highly technical. These pins are under the deflector door, one on each side of the door. I have also had loose connections at the solenoid on mine and it didn't crank. Help! Crazy Mower won't turn off, this guide will show you how to shut down your mower safely and also show you what the problem is. If you are having trouble getting your Toro mower that has been sitting to start, the following are troubleshooting tips you can try to resolve the problem: Check and change the oil. Read on to find out more details on oil capacity, what type of oil. Other parts, such as a chipped blade, can put more stress on the mower, making it harder to use and making the cord harder to pull. Adjustable Cutting Height, Assembly Required, Bagger, Foldable handle, Mulching Lawn Mower, No Oil Change Required, Tool-free adjustments: Fuel Tank Capacity (gal. You pull the starter cord or press the ignition button, expecting that familiar roar, but nothing happens. It cranked over, started, ran a short while and quit. Two of the ones I'm looking at are the 22in vortex and the 22in non-vortex. This article will explore the reasons why lawn mower won’t shut off with key and provide helpful tips on how to deal with it. Kubota mowers are a great choice for anyone looking to make sure their lawn is in top shape for the season. For a mower that has been sitting for quite a while, it’s definitely a good idea to check the oil. Clean and refill the lawn mower fuel tank. It’s only when you switch off the mower that you discover there is an issue. Oil can then soak into the air filter, causing a restriction and the mower to not start, or run rich with fuel. Starting issues with your lawn mower? It might be the spark plug. 5) spark plug shows spark when electrode. 2020 TORO 22 Inch Lawn Mower Review. It should be labeled on the lawn mower. Lawn Mower Air Filter is Soaked in Oil: Why + How to Fix. This is a Briggs and Stratton 355ex Lawn Mower 140 cc Engine. With roots dating back to 1914, Toro was built on a tradition of quality, long lasting products and innovative features to make your mowing experience and caring for your lawn easier. Make sure to regularly check the state of your fuel filter and, when necessary, change it for a new one. Easy Fix For Toro Lawnmower That Won't Start (V1124). The most common reason for replacing the drive be. One way to do this is by choosing a Toro authorized dealer near you. Reverse this step to remove the bag. New Toro Vortex Lawn Mower Won't Start It Ran Last Year How To Fix #toro #lawnmower #diy. Option 1: Remove the spark plug. You may need a helper at this point, depending on the equipment. Clean old oil and grime from the dip stick shaft area and remove the dipstick. Pump bad gas out with a battery fuel pump or disconnect fuel line from the carburetor and allow bad gas to drain into a jar. It will run briefly after starter fluid is added or gas is added directly to the carb. Whether you’re looking for a powerful electric mower or a reliable gas-powered one, there are plenty of options available. ) 92 lb: Recommended Oil Type: SAE 30: Recommended Terrain: …. For a PTO that won’t engage on your mower or tractor, testing and or replacing one of the three parts of the system could fix the issue. This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the grass bag on a Toro lawn mower. Toro lawn mowers rely on a battery for power so it’s no surprise the mower won’t start when the battery is dead. This machine starts the first time, every time, and is built to last with a 22 in. Walk behind mower engine (46 pages) Engine Toro Z Master 500 Series Service Manual. Step 3: Attempt to start the engine, Once running make sure to rev the engine and let it run. America's #1 selling mower brand. A push mower may not stay running due to a plugged fuel filter, clogged fuel line, dirty carburetor, plugged air filter, incorrect choke setting, bad spark plug, faulty ignition coil, bad gas cap, incorrect engine oil level. there were 934,394 lawn mower related injuries between 2005 and 2015. Bad fuel can also contribute if the wrong type of gas is used. The Toro 30” Timemaster is a great way to keep your lawn looking great and save you some “Time” doing it. For a couple years now, the mower won't restart when hot if I have to stop & refill with gas, i. One mystery was a small 40 amp fuse that came taped to the battery charger. Zero Turn Mower Won’t Start. It is a personal pace mower so it can easily personalize to an individuals comfort level. A zero-turn lawn mower won’t start due to a lack of fuel, air, or spark. You should aim to change the oil completely every 20 – 50 hours. That is why you should carefully clean it. Jun 10, 2014 / New TB 130 -- Won't Start -- HELP! #1. com/watch?v=C4fQ06l7cYYThe video shown here I posted 2. Recycler Briggs and Stratton 140cc Self-Propelled Gas RWD Walk Behind Lawn Mower with Bagger (3886) Questions & Answers Hover Image to Zoom. Your Troy-Bilt lawn mower may not start because you have an electrical, fuel, or airflow problem. If has a Briggs Quantum engine with good compression and spark, easy fix? Maybe not. Toro Walk Power Lawn Mower Cover for 20-22-inch Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers (136) $79 And. Was told must pull out Trans to change fluid. Toro 21465 Walk Behind SMARTSTOW. Top 251 Toro Lawn Mowers Reviews & Experiences. Recycler Mower with SmartStow is the …. It is always a good idea to check the oil if the lawnmower has been sitting for a while. Toro Zero-Turn Mower Broken Flywheel Key. The charging system, ignition switch, battery, and safety switches can fail to cause your mower to not start. Supercharged Cutting Machine – We’ve supercharged the Recycler Cutting System creating a performance boosting machine …. Enjoy peace of mind knowing Toro stands behind its mowers with a 5-year guaranteed-to-start engine warranty and 5-year limited warranty. The belt keeps falling off or breaking. If it’s not, it’s probably not getting fuel. This is caused by old gas, a bad spark plug, plugged air filter, plugged fuel filter, a clogged fuel line, a dirty carburetor, a bad starter solenoid, a bad gas cap, and a bad battery. When it comes to lawn care, there’s no better choice than Kubota mowers. I went to YouTube and found a video that took me through the carb cleaning steps. The non-vortex has a side discharge chute and a clean-out port, though I've only used the cleanout on my gas mower once and never used the side discharge, so maybe i won't worry about not having those. The flywheel key is a small metal piece that keeps the flywheel and crankshaft aligned when you tighten the flywheel nut. So I decided to do an over haul. Right under the hydraulic release lever there is a flat spot on the case you can drill and tap a 1/2 inch hole for a drain plug. To prevent this problem in the future, store your lawn mower properly. The protection ensures that the massive quantity of long and thick grass does not start interfering with the motor or the other parts of the lawnmower. However, this Toro model has several issues that affect its smooth operations. Compact – SmartStow saves space in your garage. Supercharge your mowing with an amped airflow that requires less energy to cut more grass into teeny-tiny, clumpless clippings. If your Toro lawn mower doesn’t start, the best way to find the culprit is to follow a checklist of the most common, easily fixed issues to the less common, more …. Once you find a section of the fuel line that is clogged, remove the line from your riding mower. Lawn Mower Won’t Start After Winter – Causes and Solutions. We will cover troubleshooting steps and how to narrow down possible i. Includes one atomic blade (Toro 131-4547-03, replacing Toro 108-9764-03) Fits on 22 in. If your lawn mower blows white smoke then dies, this is likely a result of oil getting into the machine’s carburetor. Valve Clearance | Briggs & Stratton. Lawn tractor won't start unless jumped. Remove the carburetor bowl and clean all parts thoroughly. So, the oil capacity of your Toro lawn mower depends on the category of the mower. Step 1: Check Solenoid With Multimeter. I'll go over more reasons for your mower issue below. Recycler Briggs & Stratton High Wheel FWD Gas Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower with Super Bagger: Recycler 22 in. Before beginning to check for starting problems verify these 4 things: The fuel shut-off valve is open allowing fuel to flow out of the fuel tank. Reason 1: Mower Drive Belt Slipping Or Damaged. If you’ve recently changed the oil in your mower and the engine is emitting white or blue smoke, it’s possible that some of the oil. With dirt buildup caused by stale fuel, it will be hard for the filter to let the fuel pass into the hose. If ok then the decompressor on the camshaft could be broken and not allowing engine to turn past conpression stroke. Bad Or Old Fuel In Your Toro Mower; 6. They are advertised as basic, no-frills lawn mowers that feature Briggs & Stratton engines. Then check the two wires going to the switch. Jun 29, 2021 / New Toro 22” Recycler Mower, 163cc (21462) Will Not Start. An important part to mention is main jet. Pull up the mower's hood to access the ignition switch. There are many items that can cause insufficient power including bad battery connections, incorrect battery installation, and a failing battery. The ignition coil can also be the cause when it gets hot and the windings separate. Make sure the fuel shut-off valve is open: You may have shut off the valve before storing the mower. Due to the lack of enough air and reduced cooling capabilities, the engine will be overheating. Turn on choke if a manual choke fitted. Toro no oil change needed mowersReally?. If you’re looking to buy one, basic research for prices of new Kubotas can help you make sure you get a good deal. Riding Mower Won't Move Forward or Reverse. I had no issues with it at the start of this cutting season. Unbolt the bowl by removing the nut that holds it in place. Lawn Mower Tractor Won't Crank, Clicks When You Turn the Key? Turn Over Slow? How to Diagnose Problems in the Starting System on Your Garden/Lawn Tractor or. Set the deflector to the side until you are finished mowing. Same $799 MSRP for both the 21566 and existing 21388. Easy Fix Toro Lawn Mower 6. Zero-turn radius mower, 50" mower deck, hydro transmission. How to easily fix a Toro Lawnmower. The PTO (Power Take Off) clutch provides a means of manually disconnecting the engine from the blades. Kubota is a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, and their mowers are designed to provide superior performance and reliability. Are you able to use a screwdriver and jump start the mower this way. The way I have been able to get it started is to keep pulling on it about 20 times. Clean dirt and grass from the blade and underside of the mower …. Blockage of the Air Filter and Clogging of Fuel Filter. The motor found in your mower is considered to be a small internal combustion engine. Toro Recycler 22" Personal Pace Electric Start Self-Propelled Gas Walk-Behind Mower w/ Briggs & Stratton (3003) $699 And. Check the gas, make sure it is fresh gas. to/36Q6b2K Kohler auto chokehttps://amzn. Will It Run Quick Carburetor Cleaning. Now locate the bowl on the bottom of your carburetor. Toro Lawn Mower Won’t Start: Causes and Solutions 1. First, make sure the mower is switched off. 17 Reasons Your Toro Lawn Mower Won’t Start (Solved!). May 10, 2020 / My mower won’t move. Now, push the bar against the mower handle. Aug 14, 2013 / Will start, but won't restart after stopping even after just mowing a min or 2. 3 • Importance of Regular Lawn Mower Maintenance; 8. A push mower will start and then die when it experiences an air or fuel restriction caused by bad fuel; a plugged air or fuel filter; clogged fuel lines; or a dirty carburetor. Two stage snow (48 pages) Engine Toro LC1P65FC Service Manual. 4 • Safety Measures When Using. 799866 Carburetor Replaces 796707 and 794304 (AutoChoke. The PTO (Power Take-Off) switch prevents this. 7K subscribers 264K views 6 years ago Turned out to be a very simple fix! Link to autochoke carburetor …. Built: Ryobi 40-Volt Brushless Self-Propelled Mower. Toro actually developed a completely different cutting system to do the most good for your grass… and the environment. This is Why Your Toro Lawn Mower Won’t Turn Over Dead or Bad Battery. The first step would be to try to diagnose your lawnmowers problem. 5 HP V-twin Toro engine (I think that is where the 225 in the name comes from) in addition to a 42 inch cutting deck (where the 42 comes from in the name). 15 Reasons Why Your Toro Mower Won't Start (and How to Fix it!). The Toro Recycler Gas Self-Propelled Lawn Mower has a slightly larger 22-inch deck. Let your battery cool before attempting to start again. This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the drive belt (or v-belt) on Toro lawn mowers. Fill the fuel tank outdoors, in an open area, when the engine is cold. Then when I turned the key, I heard nothing. Wear protective safety gear for protection. Lawn Mower Won't Start? Try One of These 9 Quick Fixes. Connect the black multi-meter probe to the B prong and the other to the S prong. Always check the air filter, fuel filter, fuel line, and other related parts to make sure that any of them isn’t clogged. Fixing a Toro Lawn Mower Pull Cord that won't pull by New. It wouldn't start at all, now after all the above it will start but only with starter fluid, then. The first you can do is to make sure to check the gas tank and refill it if needed. I have an older gear-driven Murray 5. Ensure you use fuel that’s less than 30 days old for optimal performance. If your battery is putting out the correct voltage, the meter should read about 12. If you’re experiencing starting problems with your Toro Recycler 22, there could be several reasons why. Lawn mower engines, while not entirely complex, have a certain number of issues that can arise. The drive belt is one of the main parts that helps your mower move and helps to keep your machine doing what you need it to do. Keep your mower running like new, season after season. Check out the quick and easy fix to this problem. New 60v Toro Super Recycler (21566) with Vortex? : r/lawncare. 5 wont start and this post is how to troubleshoot and repair the engine. It might produce the initial spark, but the spark won’t be enough to keep the engine running if the plug is. If you have gotten this far the TORO 21" Super Recycler" M# 21387 with push- button electric start,190cc engine, Bag-mulch-side discharge, 7 position cutting heights, aluminum deck (big plus), self- propelled, low wheel, rear- wheel drive, 3 position handlebar, deck cleanout and of course a Briggs & Stratton motor you must be serious …. ) 1 in: Mower Size Type: Standard: Number of Blades: 1: Number of Handlebar Positions: 2: Oil. Lawnmower Won't Start After Sitting: What To Do In 2023. Final Word About How to Start Lawn Mower without a Primer Bulb. 5 Wont Start How to Troubleshoot and Repair The Engine. Be sure to READ YOUR OWNER'S MANUAL for full det. Cut area per charge: 13,524 sq ft. Toro have all of their parts books and repair manuals on their web page as a free downlaod. Check to make sure all connections are tight and clean. After removing the nut, clean the hole and check for any debris inside the jet. If the PTO clutch is not getting power, if the clutch solenoid is defective, or if the. And clean it if you identify any blockage. Users can also rest easy knowing that Toro stands behind its Recyclers with a 2-year full warranty on both the gas and battery mowers. If you are unsure where the problem lies with your lawn mower and unable to find the reason your lawn mower won’t start using the standard method, then starter spray is actually a good diagnostic tool. A choke is only needed for cold starts. #4 Turn on choke if there's a manual choke fitted. We just got a Toro electric-start "Recycler"-brand lawnmower. A faulty or dirty spark plug could be the reason your lawn mower won’t stay running. Remove battery box to locate refill with 20/50 oil 87 2. Why Toro zero-turn mower won’t move forward or reverse. Toro 20017 Recycler Lawnmower Won't Start. Open the valve so fuel is able to flow. 4 Best Toro Mowers That Will Outlast You: 2023. Yesterday, when filling the tank it overflowed pretty badly and it would not start afterward. URL of this page: HTML Link: Bookmark this page. Bought in July 2007 so 13 years old with ~150 hours on mower. Toro push mower model 20055 with Briggs & Stratton engine model 126T0-0206-B1. We have a Craftsman mower (with a Briggs and Stratton engine) that we have not taken very good care of over the winter. You may need to turn the mower over and remove the blades or see what is causing them to not turn again. Adjustable Cutting Height, Adjustable Handlebar, Bagger, Electronic Ignition, Foldable handle, Mulching Lawn Mower, No Oil Change Required, Rust resistant deck, Smart Stow: Fuel Tank Capacity (gal. Loosen the magnetic coil within the Scag mower's engine assembly by using a wrench if the air gap is outside of the required specification. Fixing this issue is simple: Clear the mower off any oil and let it idle for a while. A bad fuel cap can also restrict fuel causing the Toro engine not to get the gas it requires to run. Turn the key to the start position and set the multi-meter to measure resistance, not voltage. Shop by Popular Toro Lawn Mower Models. Introducing a mower that adjusts to you, with no knobs, no levers, no messing around. #toro #kohler #tuneupKOHLER - TORO TUNE UP - Lawnmower Won't Start. Riding mower won't start NOT even clicking. A bad spark plug is another common reason why your lawn mower won't start. Unmatched cutting performance, ease of use, and reliability, they store away unlike any mower you've ever seen before! Store your mower upright, reducing the storage footprint by up to 70%**, and provides easier access for you to clean under the deck and service the blade. Briggs & Stratton Personal Pace Electric Start, RWD Self Propelled Gas Walk-Behind Mower with Bagger: Recycler 22 in. However, if the valves are stuck in the open position, then you have a lawn. Confirmed air flow by checking air filter. Zero-turn mowers use gasoline with an octane number of 87 and a maximum ethanol level of 10%. First, ensure there is fresh gasoline in the tank and the fuel valve is turned on. Another main reason why your Toro mower won’t start is if your tank is empty. 4 • Safety Precautions when Handling Lawn Mowers; 9 Starter Fluid: Its Use and Safety in Lawn Mower Maintenance. If this is the case, empty the tank and refill it with fresh fuel to see if this solves the problem. Piston rings, valves and cylinder head gaskets all work together to create compression. Toro has a weak hydrostatic transmission. View and Download Toro Recycler 21465 operator's manual online. Check the carburetor and valves. You can start the mower if you open the choke when the engine starts sputtering. Mower wont run for more the 20 seconds no matter what i changed new plug,starter,clyinoid,and new kill switch any ideas. Starting a Lawn Mower After Winter (How to Do It Right). On Amazon:*NEW RECOIL STARTER: https://amzn. Install the Sump Plug & Fill with New Oil. Recycler mowers make lawn care easier than ever. ) 1 in: Mower Size Type: Standard: Number of Blades: 1: Number. In total, it's a boatload of features that easily make you and your lawn look great in less time. You have tripped the emergency switch on the mower and it shut off automatically when you ran over the hose. Go ahead and remove the spark plug boot and then the spark plug itself. To address this, drain the old fuel from the tank and replace it with fresh gasoline. I walk you through the step by step process I took to figure this problem out. In addition, the clutch/brake pedal must be fully depressed with the throttle lever in at least the 3/4 full position with the choke engaged. 75 149cc Kohler Motor won't start …. It could signal that the mower is in need of repair since unlike other problems, when a lawn mower struggles to start without backfiring, this is not normal and may need a professional to take care of the problem. However, it has the added benefit of connecting a ridden mower’s motor to the rear wheel axles. During the second or third use an important bolt and a couple of washers must of. 15 - Toro Lawn Mower Recoil Starter Pulley.