R Animesuggest Kid on the slope (for epilogue chapter 48 manga) 7. Anime with a main character that is godlike : r/Animesuggest. Yesterday All my troubles seemed so far away Now it looks as though they're here to stay Oh, I believe in yesterday. Can you recommend me some good anime? I would like if you recommend me something without erotic jokes and all that stuff. They were all probably mentioned, but if you're willing, take a look at r/CompletedIsekaiAnime. Manga recs pls : r/AnimeReccomendations. Suddenly, one of them can see that friend again, who will only go …. He tries to be well-suited for his strange name by always…. Then there are also the netori games from link and link. Subreddit for anime and manga fans which allows suggestions and requests for anything related to anime and manga subculture. is another one of my favorites and really plays on the popular guy / shy girl thing, it's real good. Kim Jong Un likes to watch anime on my site. Doraemon has an infinite pocket full of …. Since Insomniacs was already mentioned, I'm going to recommend the other best SoL that was released last season: {Skip and Loafer} 1. But Dr Stone is focused around science to move the plot. I started watching some other big ones but I couldn't stand them at all. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. If you don't mind, can you recommend me others anime that I may like. Also stuff like Steins;gate, RE:zero, Kokoro Connect, bunny girl senpai, shield hero, slime, Violet Evergarden. Doraemon’s lost 70s English dub. There is a chinese isekai manhua called Mushroom Brave, where MC is reincarnated as a sentient mushroom in another world. But with a guy instead of a girl. So the protagonists run around and perform all sorts of zany requests. {Mobile Police Patlabor: The Movie} - Ghost in the Shell got a lot of inspiration from this. But I also recommend Gambling Emperor Legend Zero and its sequel. Superpower anime that's just their life. Surviving in a Harem - Comedy, Fantasy Isekai, Slice of Life: a professional boxer is reincarnated as a noble lady in an otome game and is forced by the system to win the hearts of MLs. Mangas like Lookism would be Weak Hero, Viral Hit, Eleceed, My Life as a Loser. Yeah ofc, it's just that if the anime has beed dubbed, crunchyroll will show. I watch a wide range of anime and looking for some new stuff. /r/animesuggest, 2021-12-30, 00:31:41. Well I'll suggest you read/watch Monster, it's a psychological thriller with mature themes and it's really good. A afro-laden man with magic controllable nosehairs fights an evil organiation trying to make everyone bald. God I hate Nisekoi, that show was just emotional torture porn. All the games written by him with his company (at least all the games of this company were written by him) link except the netorare that im dont touch are top tier netori games. Princess Tutu for its great fairytale atmosphere and characters. And you also could read One Outs where the anime stops. Funny and weird, with drama that'll actually get you in the heart. Try RedoOfHealer this anime is borderline hentai. Mystery, Drama and thriller too. PS: already read-> Death Note, Liar Game, One Outs. Tsuyokute New Saga - Not an anime but I saw you read manga so this is one. Yuusha ga Shinda is a good one you might have overlooked, the …. I want something that isn't just deep when you look at it on the surface or for the first episode. Kuroko no Basket ( since u liked Ahiru no Sora ) Hunter x Hunter. They ware using Wands and the middle brother was teasing the mc. Seitokai Yakuindomo This is sex comedy misunderstandings 101. Ling is an attorney providing legal services covering Business / Corporate, Real Estate: Business and Business Litigation and Civil Litigation: Plaintiff. I'm looking for similar animes which has unpredictable love stories/triangle and will leave you wanting for more. OP, MangaUpdates says the anime adapts up to the end of volume 5 of the LN. Reddit's premier anime community. Any good animes? : r/Animesuggest. God of high school is kind of similar. I’m open to any and all suggestions. Agreed and I definitely need to, but most anime watchers probably wouldn't. I have watched many animes since them and I am still to find any anime that can even come close to DN and Monster. So yeah, I apologize for their toxic behavior. Girls Bravo might count but it allows for travel back and forth. Eden of the East is a dubbed anime that has a somewhat similar premise to winning the lotto ( ) But that is the only show that even has a remotely similar concept to playing/winning lotto that is dubbed. Goblin Slayer - dark, graphic fantasy with lot of action, not "battle shounen". Browse thousands of anime recommendations from users like you, or get plenty of personal suggestions below based on loved tags, related content you haven't marked, and more! …. Some manhwa where the MC got isekai'd into a novel/game/comic: Ending Maker. {Tsuki ga Kirei} is just adorable, perfectly captures all the awkwardness that comes with a first love. He finds out there's also monsters on Earth but they don't level you up so the people who kill them are still level 1. Hi Felicks77, it seems like you might be looking for new anime to watch! The users of this subreddit came up with a chart of anime recommendations for newcomers and veterans and an awesome longer flowchart. This story has an interesting way of using the misunderstanding trope. you’ll definitely love it! It makes references to at least 10 anime and Japanese events! But otherwise, I’d recommend watch shaman king and other anime such as bleach (lots of sword fighting scenes) or other shonen jump series. To help you find anime with specific properties. r/Animesuggest on Reddit: Why is it such a big deal when anime. My personal suggestion is to read from the start itself. She descends from a family of mages and one day, she is sent back in time by Kohaku, her grandmother, to meet her younger self. Weak hero is a good one if you haven’t checked it out yet! OLLY-WANG2121 • 3 yr. Romance anime where the girl's personality isn't just "bashful". It is incredibly unique and much better than the title might suggest. r/Animesuggest on Reddit: Where can I watch the Full. A strong character is exactly as powerful as he needs to be for the threats and/or problems he faces. Space pirates, gladiators, dragons, assassins, swordplay, pulse weapons, mechs, intergalactic combat, wizards Might fit your criteria. Chainsaw Man was a big surprise to me. r/Animesuggest • I'm looking for an anime that starts great with a good plot asking yourself what will happen next and not being able to stop listening. Like I said, 9anime does not make or control the subs more than choosing the subber for the japanese version. Interspecies Reviewers is my go to for fanservice shows, watch uncensored (unless you don't want to go borderline hentai) for the best experience. I really enjoy Sukeban characters in anime & am hoping y'all can help me find some anime with a protagonist or major character that is a delinquent girl. Wish this anime had been longer. Anime with an underestimated female MC. Considering the TV shows you mentioned, you might find this an interesting take on those themes. Manga where Mc is brought to another world but lives peacefully. However, since you say you like science fiction and psychological stuff, I highly recommend Steins;Gate. Press edit and click on the MAL one and paste it in including your username at your mal/anilist/kitsu or anime planet. Anime that will psychologically damage me. I think this is probably the best answer because it features Sentient robots as characters who change from one form to another - it is absolutely the most similar. I want more series like Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid but if it had more plot and wasnt so focused on slice of life stuff, or Spy x Family if it had MORE fantasy elements to it. Adachi's actor used to star in Kamen Rider Build, where he and the main lead's bromance are in all sorts of places But nah, the main guy's more likely to dissect him. Yeah, Vinland doesn’t have the sinister element Monster has in the same sense, but it is a very brutal story in a lot of ways given the time period and the ways in which the Vikings operated. Would like to relive that "finished in one sitting" feeling. This is to satiate my craving for stories like that. An anime that is least like an anime : r/Animesuggest. I usually never have an issue with 9anime or any the domains, but the last 4 days I haven't been able to establish a connection to any of 9anime's…. Sekirei (when he adds a girl to his harem) Date a Live (when he adds a girl to his harem) Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid. Lin's address, insurance information, hospital affiliations and more. A little bit drama is ok but not too heavy. And its so weird to see Gintama characters in Sket Dance. I'll try to recommend my anime suggestions unscripted and straight. currently airing - a lot of characters from classic books, detective story, mystery. Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball, One Piece (ik these are long but you get the picture of what animes are supposed to be. I recently binge watched summertime rendering and ao ashi. I prefer a male MC and no romance (I'm fine if there is romance with side characters, but not with main characters). Although it might not suit your taste as it's more of a slice of life/worldbuilding anime, so you're not gonna get much action like other fantasy anime. {Isekai Quartet} is a show in which 4 isekai protagonists along with the main cast get transported into a school life world and constantly complain about being isekaied. Not just educational about medication and infectious disease, but also about the socio economic effects of pharmaceutical policy. Eureka Seven - Mecha series with a romance that is very central to the plot and starts developing very early. The reason for this is old "crappy" adblockers & some VPNs will block certain ads partially but not remove the element the ad created, thus having an overlay that covers the screen but is invisible and un-removable. 86 ms Last Down: unknown Forbid - Access to 9anime. how to hide the emperor’s child. Most Generic anime art styles : r/Animesuggest. I think one of the most calming, warm shows I've ever seen was {The Helpful Fox Senko-san}. The disastrous life of Saiki K. I'm also really into slice of life. So pretty much as the title said I want a manwha where the mc is trapped, transported or whatever it may be into a game and ends up having actual interactions with players of the game. I doubt you can find a more deeply planned revenge story than this! It’s an 19th century classic adapted into Sci Fi. Philadelphia 76ers Premier League UFC. I think maybe what you’re looking for is Dororo (2019). -My death flags show no sign of ending. In fact imo if you put aside the weird stuff this anime is a masterpiece. Hi arj_paradox, it seems like you might be looking for new anime to watch! The users of this subreddit came up with a. There's a series called I''s (playing on how every main characters name starts with an i), but the anime doesn't fully adapt the manga. I'm recommending the original because adapting a VN is really hard and lots of anime adaptations suffer from it, unlike Manga and LN adaptations Visual Novel …. Monster, evangelion, higurashi, serial experiments lain, perfect blue. So I've just watched the tomodachi game and was surprised just how I loved it. This is both a troll recommendation and a genuine one, but {School Days} Maybe you’ll like Scum’s Wish. Also continue with Munou na Nana manga and/or the dub if you haven't already. r/Animesuggest on Reddit: Anywhere I can watch french dubbed. New song "masane" (witchblade) : r/animemusic. 02 seconds) [Suggestion] If you're feeling Christmassy, highly recommend the …. Saw it on a "cult anime recommendations" post but not digging it yet. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the anime was adapted from a light novel. It’s gonna take them a while to get through the series. They won’t have any time for the other shit 😅. Monogatari and Clannad have brief references to the deed occurring but you never see it …. The first version is probably the easiest since it has a clear start and end and you just have to figure out the journey in between. 6: Promised Neverland (never watched season 2 and never will) 7: My roommate is a cat. Higurashi - at least the newest season - Has sports betting in it. Take a fun quiz to give yourself an anime name. Thanks in advance for your help! I don't believe it's possible due to the way the video hosts handle the captions, you can try emailing staff about the suggestion though to see if it's at all possible. Ao Haru Ride is a great shoujo, the manga just ended for it and it was super-good as well if you like manga at all. Really great series with some nice colorful animation and memorable characters. AoT is the most controversial for me, because I despise it. As title says, the watchlist button is gone now? 8. Here's a few from the top of my list, hope there's something for you. These are the anime I enjoyed the most: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Anime that fits my possibly unreasonable Expectations (no naked underaged girls, no weird fan service, no cringy obsessive love stories, etc. I remember an anime in my childhood days, around the early 2000s an anime about ghost hauntings in an school and this group of students always ends up being haunted by it, theyll just run around but eventually they discover that its fake, its like Scooby Doo but only in school. But translation seems to be on hold. It deals with questions about the human condition, the meaning of life and how to deal with trauma. Ping Pong the Animation the best sports anime I have watched personally. Manga is much better than the anime. One thing I noticed on Tubi as opposed to Netflix is they only have either the Dub or the Sub, with seemingly no way to change the language. Anime with a good power progression. Erased is insanely underrated, also has a live action on Netflix. In { no game no life} every decision revolves around games. r/Animesuggest on Reddit: Any more Anime or Shows with a. I also found the characters a bit more likeable (with some exceptions). Each character was summoned by someone on those one of the places (haven, split etc. She just felt like what actual uh, tsundere-like people behave like. A Recommendation Tool that finds Anime similar to the one you like. i think the best anime to get into anime and see all the personalities and genre's and pacing of anime is "angel beats" its a pretty decent size series, its got the cringe, the romance, the seriousness, the comedy, the ridiculousness, the main protag, boss girl, best girl, most of the tropes, etc. You won't find much of it on there because most of their content has to adhere to broadcast standards. Yabuki Joe is left downhearted and hopeless after a certain tragic event. Suggest an anime, manga, light novel, or visual novel that you've seen and loved, or ask about what to watch, read, or play next! 446k. Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging (AVMI) is a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center providing digital radiography, multi-slice CT, high field (1. Look on the right on top of the the "Filter by flair" next to your username. the only other one I can think of is mangareader but that website has some problems with its page layouts. Fantasy and Male mc anime preferred. Hi, I’m looking for an anime to watch based on my favourites list. I've been having the same issue for a month or two now. Don't know how on game consoles, Switch, or Apple TV, I don't have those. So if there is some thing like this I would love to hear please and thank you. Here's a list of some I've already seen with stars by the ones I liked best: Akatsuki no Yona*. Anime with female characters that are not sexualized and/or moe, preferably with good character writing. Anime I have really enjoyed to help with suggestions: AoT. Kimura (OAV) -> Hajime No Ippo: New Challenger (Second Anime Series) If you aren't completely convinced to read the manga after watching the anime then I don't know what's wrong with you :] 3. It doesn't necessarily have to be a comedy anime but I'd like some bizarre moments. Overlord Im a spider now, so what Skeleton soldier couldn't protect the dungeon The other one with a skeleton I can't remember. 1r/MovieSuggestions, r/booksuggestions, r/Animesuggest Permission to make digital or hard copies of all or part of this work for personal or classroom use is granted without fee …. Since then she copyrighted the concept and. Characters that have deductive reasoning, who tend to solve the …. I've been reading too much shonen and I want to read stories with protagonists similar to eren , Guts , sukuna ( not mc but still ). The last chapter uploaded was #250 back on 6/19 of this year but there's still 16 chapters until the end of the manga. awesome character exploration like in “Nana” / “Paradise kiss”. My favorites are berserk, one punch man, chainsaw man, Punpun, Gantz, blue lock I’m already gonna read the really well known ones like vagabond I…. Her characters are from the show Arcane. Set in a world similar to the early 20th century, except steampunk. The problem with a true Yandere in a harem is that the Yandere will clean out the harem, and likely the series will cross genres when she does. Lots of fanservice and doesn't have an ending so idk about this one. Okay so I only know a little from one sene…. Oh yeah, Tsuki ga kirei the best romance, for me at least ;) 2. Cannot reach any of the domains. Recommend : r/AnimeReccomendations. Romance anime with an unpopular female mc. Beloved for action, story, characters, themes, uniqueness, dub, etc. I don't think any anime have no fan service as there are always sexualised characters but if you mean nudity or unnecessary beach episodes I get you. Sleepy Princess in the demon castle. Tsutchie and Fat Jon don't produce as often. Much better than Death Note in my opinion. Watch This! [at least 1500 characters] — Long-form writings which encourage readers to watch a certain anime by analyzing its strengths and weaknesses. Anime with long first episode (40m +) 106. Just anything that makes you go "I don't know wtf this is but I love it". " Description: Teens Charlie and Nick discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love in this coming-of-age series. Rumbling Hearts - Trailer - MAL - Hulu - YouTube - Funimation. here a list that matches these and that i have already seen. Looking for a dark, more mature anime. If you want an emotional anime, watch this one. Dark high school dramas : r/JDorama. Black Clover (Some blood since it's a fantasy anime with battles) Gabriel dropout (comedy/slice of life) Kuma Kuma Bear (isekai) March comes in like a lion (slice of life) School Babysitters (slice of life) Non Non Biyori (slice of life) Snow White with the Red hair (romance) Tanaka-kun is always listless (comedy/slice of life) The Prince of. I hope this tool proves to be useful for the community. My Pokemon team if I were in the anime : r/pokemon. There are a lot of animes based on tournaments but there are varieties among them to. Toradora if you are into Nagatoro-like girls. Ok, so my mom loves darker toned shows/stories, but has a problem with “animation for adults” (in terms of demographic, although adult content is also off the table) hence her problem with Fate/Zero, which, aside from that, …. Romance animes with heavy drama that may or may not have your scenario, but almost always have character break downs and bad things happening to various characters. You are almost certainly going to enjoy {Hunter X Hunter} for having an incredibly fair and logical magic system. I suggest starting with either Scarlet Heart or Empresses in the Palace. It looked like, too silly for me. And, helps us, so we aren't suggesting you stuff you've seen. Summertime render has this supernatural and isolated environment which i liked , i also have watched hyouka , oregairu , mha , demon slayer , aot. Anime with great beautiful/good animation : r/Animesuggest • 2 yr. Pretty average anime, but covers the girls with guns aspect. {Drifters} - imagine the most cunning historical figures that are known throughout history as blood thirsty that were willing to use any tools or strategies at their disposal to achieve their objective, now this show whisks them away from their death scene and sends them to a fantasy world where they create absolute chaos in their statues qua, and it is a blast …. Masamune-kun's revenge was a really bad anime probably in the top 5 worst anime i have ever seen. You'd probably like Tokyo Revengers. General Suggestions : r/Animesuggest. Please go home akutsu san Uzaki chan wants to hang out Anjou san. The ending is probably one of the best out there, and the strategy and people manipulation is on the same level if not higher than DN. So I'm asking for isekai that the MC isn't focused on romance and just focuses on the adventures. Preferably, if they have less fantasy elements (but with fantasy elements are also okay). Isekai or reincarnation with a monster as a protag. The Saga of Tanya the Evil - a little psychopath girl soldier in an alternative version of World War I. Please don't recommend running/on-going/canceled shows. The art style is rly unique and colors are bright at times to fit the scenes. I would like ones that involve plots, schemes (and maybeee) murder. Ghost in the Shell - Similar to Psycho-Pass. hello, can someone help me identify this font type? i would like to use it for my personal project. Dead Mount Death Play and My Home Hero are on the rough side visually but have pretty interesting stories. Cowboy bebop, kemonozume, samurai champloo, angel beats, ping pong the animation, violet evergarden, inuyashiki, ousama ranking, mob psycho 100. Like the name suggests, is there an isekai where someone was Isekai’d into a world where they become an Elder Dragon or at least a monster on the highest end of the pecking order? Not that I know of, but I wish. Chinese anime? : r/Animesuggest. I'm 10 episodes in and seems pretty regular to me, want to know if I should keep watching it since it's a little bit long. There is no anime that comes close to the manliness of this anime. If you're looking for a skilled, battle-hungry MC like Nicolas, you might like Samurai Champloo's MC, not to mention sword …. suggest me any binge worthy anime. I've been reading Sidooh lately and the main scanlation team seems to be HappyScans with uploads via MangaDex. Anime like Death Note, Berserk or Monster : r/Animesuggest. Especially Stone Ocean, which is currently airing. My (22m) girlfriend (21f) and I wanted to start watching anime together, but I’m not sure which anime would serve as a good gateway. This definitely sounds like one piece it's long, there's no romance other than a side character having an unrequited crush and 8 of the 10 main cast are male. Two of my favorite hidden gems come to mind: "Le Chevalier D'Eon" and "Speed Grapher". It's kind of like a parody of an isekai. The manga Everyone's Getting Married. They're not labeled as shounen ai and are more platonic, but both have a general thread of love-conquers-all kind of vibe between the characters. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. Plus GC didn’t know how to do the second half so it just killed a shit ton of characters because it …. If the anime had kept going then the big picture of the story's direction would be a war against God, yeah. ANIME & MANGA RELATED: I've been suggested to watch these animes: Outbreak Company (Otaku gets transported to another world). Shinsekai Yori - Takes place about 1,000 years in the future, humans have psychokinetic abilities. Madoka Magica - Similar to Evangelion and Wonder Egg Priority. It's written by the same author as Kaiji and Akagi. Just finished reading Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu recently (essentially binge read all 100 chapters) and I'm looking for something that handles the relationship themes in a similar way and has a similar story. Best evolution manga? : r/manga. to/fallinloveKEEP UP WITH RUSSTikTok: https://russ-millions. sakurasou no pet na kanojo has some very funny moments however it does get deep sometimes with the feels but it is funny. Barage of dialogues one after another, screaming and shouting if side characters isnt really a good example of a chilled anime lol. Here are some of my top choices; though they vary in genre, all are definite must-watches: Tsuritama - Whimsical, bright, heartwarming with a touch of poignancy. Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered But Overly Cautious. r/Animesuggest on Reddit: Suggestions for the most …. Doesn’t have to be a harem or ecchi, just some good, bouncy, and big pure tits. Plastic Memories, in a world where androids and humans coexist, there's a team that goes out and picks up androids at the end of their life spans. Why is monster anime (Naoki Urasawa) so underrated : r/Animesuggest. If it's possible, no cheating and no open ending. Drifters (Historical Figures gets transported into another world). When that happens I just have Tachiyomi download the chapter that isn't loading and then delete it after I've finished reading. 5 (it got altered in anime, so i don't know how the anime is going to handle that volume) The major events are same so you'll be fine starting from vol. The World of Kanako (but it's not focusing only on high school students) Girls in the Dark. Episodic anime would be self-contained individual. r/Animesuggest • Your top 3 anime of all time. Another great show is Ergo Proxy, set in a post-apocalyptic. A moronic scene featuring a moronic villain getting beaten by a moronic jutsu in a moronic arc. Princess Principal Baccano Durarara Konosuba Reply More posts you may like. Guilty Crown has better music, but definitely not better drama. 1 Search an image database using a screenshot from the anime. Some of them are {Barakamon}, {melancholy of haruhi suzumiya}. Toaru Majutsu no Index (War between magic and …. (Manga/manhwa preferred and if possible the MC is a lone. It was invented by a criminologist that almost got a woman hostage killed by his own incompetence. Your Top 6 MUST WATCH Animes : r/Animesuggest. Dore is a rheumatologist in Tustin, California and is affiliated with Providence St. Shadows House- A Fantasy Mystery series about a mansion full of shadow nobles and thier living doll servants. Testament of sister new devil is totally fan service, even high school dxd. It didn't even come to mind as tsundere until after I watched it. I've been prefering more serious romance anime than romcoms over time because of this, and would like if someone could recommend some. Title: /r/AnimeSuggest | Suggestions and requests for anything related to anime subculture. Animes with ranking system, points or like a TOP leaderboard? For example, in No Game no Life there are 16 races and each of them are ranked, like Humanity, is on 16 out of 16 place (well, obviously we have to start from the lowest lol). Yeah, manga have a lot of great moments, much better than the anime. Seen Log Horizon, something close to it to some extent. If you're interested in light novels, it goes in depth into how magic could actually work, which I found interesting. These three are imo the best developed MCs in anime: Simon from {Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann} goes from 0 to hero in a beautiful way and just how you see him grow and mature is amazing. Featuring character related with/based of insects: {Hunterxhunter}, {demon slayer}, {Spirited Away}. Toradora is kinda the gold standard for wacky high school romance anime. I recently got into the Monster anime and i really enjoyed the first episodes, i thought it was one of the best things i've ever watched, but now…. Animes for someone just starting : r/Animesuggest • 4 mo. Hmm, I’m not certain there are any anime with exactly lottery players in. r/Animesuggest on Reddit: Really good superpower anime where characters. Suggest an anime, manga, light novel, or visual novel that you've seen and loved, or ask about what to watch, read, or play next! 443k. In attempt to put the past behind him, Joe leaves the gym behind and begins wandering. I may have some of the details wrong, but I figured the more detail I. Sad but good anime suggestions : r/Animesuggest. Animes I had watched like these are Haikyu (personal favourite), MHA, Chivalry of Failed Knight. r/Animesuggest • An anime where the MC gives the *impression* that he is a bad guy (whether its just looks or the way he acts). Why so many Dub but not Sub animes ??? : r/Crunchyroll. Rakshasa street (Action, fantasy, supernatural) - Ending 1. Here's some romance anime that I remember having watched: Oregairu. Working! and all it's sequel seasons are similar in vibe. The MCs are kidnapped by slave traders at the beginning and then sold to some noblewoman as a servant. Anything similar to danmachi like the Dungeons, Cast etc. In {kakegurui} one guy even bet himself for the sake of a gamble. Pretty sure there isn't an official dub. Hachi (heroine) and Nana start to rent same apartament together, Hachi comes to live there because of her boyfriend. Edit: Yeah disregard my suggestions I forgot about the realistic part of your request. 29K subscribers in the animemusic community. I've been wracking my brain for a few days now and I can't remember this anime I saw many years ago that featured airships. There's another character who isn't a god, but has several supernatural powers. It is also possible to buy "Rumbling Hearts" as download on Apple iTunes. Haikyuu ( cuz sports anime ) Aoashi ( cuz soccer) Chainsaw men ( cuz JJK) Fruit basket ( cuz Violet evergarden) Tokyo revengers ( JJK and Demon Slayer) The ancient magus bride ( cuz Violet evergarden). Thanks I'll try Garden of sinners,Devilman crybaby and Claymore. If there's a fan dub, I'm not aware. The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace. can somebody give me a list of anime’s that’s based at school and could be any other genre, idk why but i really like the school based anime’s. So nothing like Apocalypse Zero is on there. Mushoku Tensei, but it's an isekai so not really time traveling but he still starts his new life as a baby and certainly has a lot of issues he has to work through. i have made some research about this font type before, so i found the similar one like this called Century Gothic at first i thought i found it, but not actually. I love how the two shows managed to time their air dates so perfectly so that both crossover events can be watched in the same week. Euphonium, I want to eat your pancreas, A Silent Voice, Orange, RElife. MC is a kind hearted oversized man’s man that is popular with the guys and scary to the girls. I've already seen Sukeban Deka & Kill la Kill which has stoked my. I’d say u watch the other 2 since they’re way shorter than Hajime no Ippo. I'm looking for anime that you would consider has decent aspects of one of the following; cozy, relaxing, low stress, warm, wholesome, feel good. Sports anime that combines hyper action with a unique art style and a psychological element. Need a new anime to watch? Use this anime recommendation generator to find out what to watch next! Just type in an anime like Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, One Piece, or Code …. If you watch panty shots galore, it's hard to beat {Najica Blitz Tactics} and {Agent Aika}. What are yours? : r/Animesuggest. Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 - Episode 11 Discussion Thread. I'm not really that big of a fan of shows in general that are just mindless action with no meaningful character development or drama. 2nd season has epic fights {Mob Pyscho} {Boku no hero academia} {Assassination classroom} not actually action, but you will like it {Re:zero kara hajimaru isekai seikatsu} more gore than action {One piece} …. Because fansubbing something is much easier than trying to fanDUB something. Basically some of the best genres with many of the better or best anime. More mature romance anime to watch? : r/anime. I wasn't too sure about bungo tho. Since you've already got so many nice recommendations, I'll just leave these here. Outside of borderline pron, White Album 2 has an actual sex scene. By the way this is not even all of them this is just a handful of anime shows and films that have not been mentioned yet. Watch the first episode it will hook you. I think op means like fully based around science yes this has science but it more action based over well Dr Stone is action. The Art is so much better and it's longer too (the Anime only has 12 episodes while the Manga has 113+ chapters) Another would be Monster, but, the smart guy is not the MC, he is the villain (unless you count Lunge as a side-MC), it's a bit long with a. I have this image saved named "Victi". I suggest not going for the best anime immediately, to avoid settings too high expectation for the next anime you will watch. /r/anime Karma Ranking & Discussion | Week 2 [Fall 2023] 3047 points • 417 comments. I understand that it's good, but I can't watch it, because. to/TikTokInstagram: https://russ-millions. On his travels he comes across the likes of Wolf Kanagushi and Goromaki Gondo, men who unintentionally fan the dying embers inside him, leading him to putting his wanderings to an end. I'm getting tired of every flipping isekai that is harem or romance. Combat Sports Anime (90) Individual sports which involve one-on-one physical confrontations. r/Toonami • Happy Birthday/26th Anniversary Toonami. This is the day where you started and we're happy that you've given us the best Cartoon and Anime in the block so happy birthday. Lin is a Orthopedist in Tustin, CA. Haikyuu , Oregairu, and the light hearted suggestions must. To you who swallowed a star also comes close. 5: Restaurant to another world. (My most recent anime was The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, if that gives you any ideas. Stuff that takes itself seriously but knows when to throw in. 8: Love after world domination (usually not huge into romance anime but this one was really good!) 9: Keep your hands off eizouken. The creator of Squid Game even named it as an influence. Angel beats! Toradora! Bunny girl senpai. Madoka Magica and Madoka Magica: Rebellion (Sequel Film) Made in Abyss and Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul (Sequel Film) Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0 (Sequel), Steins;Gate: Load Region of Deja Vu (2nd Sequel Film) Future Diary. If you are interested in Japanese mythology, Natsume Yujin-chou, The Morose Mononokean, Mushishi, and Mononke are all strong options. If you just wanted good isekai I could name a bunch but I seriously can’t think of a single completed isekai. Manga (or anime) with shy or socially awkward MALE protagonist. There are a fair number of there being a Yandere in a harem like situation like in Elfen Lied or …. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo. " So I'm not that much into animes really, but I've found a few that I really enjoyed: Death Note, Attack on Titan, Monster, Berserk, Claymore and Paranoia Agent. I'm looking for a specific anime that I can't remember the name of, I only remember a specific scene where the male character is trying to enter a store but doesn't know how, and a girl is spying on him from a far and a couple comes by and enters the store and he hid from them ore moved away but didn't go in. This search engine will help people of r/AnimeSuggest who are looking for specific type of anime to watch. Demon King Daimaou had a lot, i think. An example of what I don't like something like The Seven Deadly Sins where people get blown up from the beginning. r/Animesuggest • I’m on a tear through the best of the best Shoujo/Romance/RomCom. Cat Leap is the ability to go back in time. I would recommend Skip beat since it’s very similar to daytime star. It literally tried to give me a virus as soon as i clicked the play button. Also, if some of these aren’t part of the same series and you can explain the difference it would be much appreciated. Darker than Black - I prefer a higher action-to-drama ratio but it was still good. (An incredible series in its own right) As somebody whose first anime ever was Naruto, YYH was amazing because it was the same kind of show, but it managed to avoid all the major weaknesses that I feel that type of show typically suffers from. Hi RanDOOM-GuY, it seems like you might be looking for anime recommendations! I have changed the flair on your post to indicate that, but if I'm wrong, feel free to change it back!. Pretty intricate and expansive universe and lore too. The less you know about this going into it the more enjoyable it will probably be. The server doesn't allow access to the page I might just have to switch from ". The problem with Gate is that it's pretty blatant JSDF propaganda, as the light novel author was former JSDF. I haven't watched anime since the end of 2021 after a bad breakup and am looking to get back into it. Due to the recent changes with the CDN server, many adblockers & VPNs with built in adblocking need time to update so they don't block the new CDN server. For anime, try Saiki, Cromartie High School, Gintama, D-Frag maybe. Basically almost every gambling anime ig. I just finished season 3 and couldn’t get enough of scissor seven. I don’t care if it’s romance, adventure, mystic, dark, anything, give your favs please. Doesn't need to have a similar protagonist but that's a bonus. Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad is by far the best one I’ve seen and the music is so good. It is true that most of it seems like him just training to increase his stats, but that whole part of the manhwa is more about him discovering what his newfound abilities really are and about how the world works now that he has magic. GATE : Thus the JSDF fought there - modern day military in a fantasy world. Seriously one of the best plots in anime, very epic, and everything ties together in the end. Manga or manhua about hiding a child : r/Animesuggest. Durarara is the most realistic I mentioned with almost everything you requested in it, but it has a few characters that are supernatural. In the mood for some isekai, please suggest some good watches. Shounen Oujo - Basically the premise of this manga is a (Medieval) society where women are the only ones able to be upper class and men cannot make money for themselves. Create an anime list at either myanimelist. Girl is a tsundere though but she's not that useless, it even hints that she's somewhat special. Slient Voice & Your Name for movie night. Ranking of kings (cute moments and relationships although there are stressful situations) Hyouka (small mysteries, slice of life) Silver spoon (farming slice of life) Jake9550 • …. Bonus points if you have anything that covers themes of dissociation (depersonalization, derealization, etc) or fits that vibe would be fantastic! Vote. So it felt like a bait-and-switch for me, to get hooked in by an (actually pretty unique) time travel mechanic that then never gets its potential explored. I would say it’s the best traditional Isekai I’ve seen so far. An isekai where MC is a plant would be really interesting. What is a mesugaki? mesugaki describes girls who are small, young, provocative towards adults or their superiors, are full of self-confidence & assertive about it, and have a tendency to be temptresses/teases. Which 9anime to use? : r/9anime. The art style may not appeal as it's kinda old and really really not your typical anime/manga style but more of an old western comic but apart from that the story is really good, the pacing is slow but well done and the characters are so well written. Some of these aren't pure mecha but more of a twist of the genre but definitely worth checking out either way if you're a fan of robots and anime. Need help finding a anime… : r/Animesuggest. The Tatami Galaxy - Similar to Welcome to the NHK and Monogatari. 4 Posted by u/gaycatting 2 hours ago What to Watch? I haven't watched anime in a while and I'm looking to get back into it. The experience is not that great when you reading and following a weekly release manga but information is king. Oddtaxi- A crime thriller/drama/comedy about a different people inadvertently finding themselves pulled into a web of crime. Usually a 1 to 3 hour delay for the video to be edited and have captions added in. Looks like we're back in business, for me. I have lore upon lore and multiple types of vampires. Recommendations for serialized anime. r/Animesuggest • Looking for romance + slice of life anime where the romance is at least mostly realistic. -not an isekai but Mc is as you described. . The kono oto anime ends on chapter 54 so you can start from 55. You won't need to turn on VPN to access the site. Any suggestions based on my favorites? Here's a list of some shows I really enjoyed: Revolutionary Girl Utena (all-time favorite) Death Parade Cowboy Bebop Oniisama E Rose of Versailles Monster Mushi-Shi Jellyfish Princess. And far less smut than most anime. it seems every list just has the same ones, e. Not saying it's a bad story just not a super great adaptation, only season 1 and 2 were good. If you consider these as "girls with guns", then allow me to recommend { The Magnificent Kotobuki } a fighter plane series from the director of Girls und Panzer. And it looks like the LN is translated, so you can just pick it up from there. Other than leech or biter, there's not a whole lot I can think of. The dub guys killed it on vocals. Haven't read much manga before, mostly anime. That being said, a fair amount of Shonen fans I’ve seen like to bring up Johan Liebert in “best anime. White Cat Legend (Action, mystery, SOL, history) - Opening. Just finished Kaguya-sama, Morimiya, Blue Spring Ride, and Lovely Complex. r/Animesuggest • Anime with the “cute girls doing cute things” trope but with buff guys instead. The site claims to be legal and industry-supported due to partnerships with the anime industry. Kishuku gakkou no Juliet is one of the greatest mangas I ever read, I …. Anime with a mesugaki? Any kind of anime (or manga) will do. All of Hachiman's monologues are invaluable. Is there any subreddit that is similar to r/Animesuggest ? Advertisement Coins. Not sure how many animes are like that out there. The story unfolds beautifully, and the plot is masterfully written. I watched steins gate and I loved the story and the plot so now I'm looking for similar animes with that type of story and energy. Overlord is good and has an interesting premise, as long as bad cgi every once in a while doesn’t bother you then you’ll probably like it. Romance anime with heavy drama : r/Animesuggest. im using a chromebook i got new recently and 9anime player seems really slow in chrome. You might find a lot of the characters as dumb or naive but that's what makes it more realistic. In this new series we take to the internet and see if we can answer some anime questions. I'm literally in the hive of anime fans, and I try to love animes, too. Personally, I consider the best writer of this genre to be link. I'm pretty sure you're gonna find the "non-generic" much harder. Clannad + Clannad: After Story - best drama/romance I've ever seen and it fits the shy girl that you're going for. W or L 3x3? : r/AnimeReccomendations. I’ve heard Vinland Saga is similar but haven’t seen it. The Garden of Words (short movie by the same writer/director as Your Name) The Anthem of the Heart. Not sure if it's what you're looking for but it fits. I'm looking for a specific anime : r/Animesuggest. Out of these, Steins Gate was a masterpiece but little different genre and Death Parade's First episode is equivalent of Death Note. I really loved the superpowers, detective cases (although there weren't a lot), art style, and plot. Just as a side note: Stockholm Syndrome doesn't exist. You'll find quite a few with a quick google search for "isekai" and "slow life" terms. Depending on what features you're looking for, both have different strenghts. Gallade: False swipe, Night slash, Psycho cut, Feint. r/Animesuggest u/Existing-Ad4603 8h ago 26 Comments HighSchool SOL. All Yohan has is his younger brother, Philip. It’s an action scifi fantasy blend with some school slice of life. Watched heavenly delusion without checking and there was a bit more than I expected. There is indeed a lot of fanservice and a lot of stuff that should be illegal in this anime, but it is not the main focus of the anime. The first season has REALLY BAD CG, but aTRUST ME, it worth the wait for the second season. just looking for comedies and SOL shows that make you feel happy, cozy, less depressed, all that. ) though be prepared to be sad, ….