Project Zomboid Corpse Sickness Project Zomboid Corpse SicknessYou have to pay MUCH more attention when around dead corpses, watch that nauseous/queasy/sick moodle, …. (30 corpses of 56465 corpses near you is. If you are inside a building, only corpses from this building count. There are four different sickness moodles in Project Zomboid: Queasy; Nauseous; Sick; Fever; These are essentially a …. Open Project Zomboid Dedicated Server\media\maps folder 2. Follow these steps to avoid corpse sickness: Don't stay too long around 20+ corpses (corpses count if you can see them at max zoom out) regardless of walls, doors or other …. Nope, I haven't even seen a single generator on this run. Project Zomboid: An isometric zombie survival simulation / role playing game Find the official…. If you look in the vehicle mechanic menu, any applicable vehicle will have a slot for it to be installed via the menu. how do i cure a sickness :: Project Zomboid Discussões gerais. Unless it was also cold outside/inside, being wet even for longer periods of time doesn't get you sick this badly. So just run around, farm foods and heal up. My biggest problem with Project Zomboid has always been that zombies simply are not a threat. Feel like this is the most likely answer, as not really anything gives fever. I get fevers frequently and only die to them if I have to remain active. Colds take longer to fade for me but are similar in treatment (low activity and staying well fed). stay away from these shots , it will attract zombies in the direction of the shot. Late game corpse sickness : r/projectzomboid. Be warned, both zombies and human survivors can be set on fire if they stand too close to the fire! According to EasyPickins, a Project Zomboid developer, the best suggestion for what to do if caught on fire is to run around for a short. Reply Which Project Zomboid player are you on a cross map looting run?. Slider that affects the player's sickness, naturally occurs with the hypochondriac trait. how the fk am i suppose to heal it. Im playin in coop with a friend. Mass graves? :: Project Zomboid General Discussions. You could also burn fuel to consume corpses. 80% means you'll have to stand still to line up shots while 95% means that you only have to stand still to negate negative. Pick up and drop corpses onto the campfire. You'll usually know when you have the zombie infection when anxious and quesy/it's succeeding moodles. r/projectzomboid on Reddit: my character started to …. There is a very high chance of death with CS and I caught it once or twice before and I died both times so maybe you might be lucky and survive. Question regarding interaction between 'Time before corpse. When players get the Discomfort moodle in Project Zomboid, it means that they are mildly injured. Helps to fight against infection when applied as poultice. Dying of mysterious fever : r/projectzomboid. Also, avoid getting wet/cold to cure it faster. I put cleanup of defeated zombies to 72 hours, so with some carpentry projects, books, and other base-related jobs i rarely need to wade through mountains of corpses. Place the campfire on the ground by right-clicking. No eating bad or uncooked food. sickness moodle can be countered by well fed moodle but even if you stay well fed all the time you can still die if your poisoning is severe. Corpse Sickness :: Project Zomboid Genel Tartışmalar. The grave business of digging : r/projectzomboid. For the details, here a few things …. With over 700 map mods to choose from we load as many as won't crash the server and see what that does to our poor Project Zomboid and how you can do it t. Drinking tainted water now more merciful if character is already sick. It decreases debuffs (muscle stiffness intensity/time) and also increases gains when it raises. Corpse Sickness :: Project Zomboid Общие обсуждения. You can drag and drop the corpse from your main inv menu at the bottom, theres an equipped section, that shows all of your equipped stuff, including primary's and secondary's. I play 'Cryogenic Winter' with 16x pop - when disabled corpse removal I got 10-20fps where I left piles of corpses. The default zombies in Project Zomboid are inspired by George A. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or if this is even possible. 312K subscribers in the projectzomboid community. Aids recovery from wounds when applied as a poultice. From Game, press escape >> select options >> select mods tab >> under Auto Loot part >> click on Change Configuration tick box. Killed all the GigaMart employees at the start of a game, came back a while later and there are more employees. A Workshop Item for Project Zomboid. Sickness in Project Zomboid. help with my characters corpse sickness. junglistjim Axe wielding maniac • 4 yr. If there is no slot, it can't be installed in that particular vehicle type. Strip everything, keep shoes + water +- cigs. This method is the most controlled way of burning bodies as you. vn synthesize and compile, see more in the section How. scratches, 7% chance of zombie virus infection. If you have the sickness moodle (Queasy) it's corpse sickness (Clear them out with controlled burning or mass graves, potentially mass graves within a dumpster). Hand axe requires more swings but you can swing more before exhaustion. Ripping bloody/dirty Clogher is more likely to give you dirty rags than ripped sheets. So, I feel like sickness is bugged or something. The "corpse sickness" has a range of 13 tiles, so be sure if sleeping in a car to be at …. For the details, here a few things with number given from memory (so not exact, but should be close enough to give a good idea):. The antibodies output rate is tied to infection progression and is affected by your wounds, infections, hygiene, moodles and traits effects. Bad food, getting too wet and cold, exposure to large amounts of corpses for long periods of time are all things that can make you sick. Died from a fever for no reason :: Project Zomboid General …. PROJECT ZOMBOID - FUNCTIONAL MASKS. Resilient is immune to corpse sickness. Project Zomboid General ">Not So Obvious "Drug" Overdose :: Project Zomboid General. I believe this will only work on default setting on corpse despawn, so you can turn it off in sandbox setting. High Corpse Decay has zero effect , in fact it turns corpse decay sickness completely off no flies. (Usually three or four are required to be in a small area to hear that. Alla Diskussioner Skärmdumpar Konst Sändningar Filmer Workshop Nyheter Guider Recensioner High Corpse Decay has zero effect , in fact it turns corpse decay sickness completely off no flies. And you can see default decay time in sandbox settings, I believe it's still around a week and a half. they rot and disappear after a week or two. If you’re hesitant to waste botched cooked food you can space it out over several days, but ideally you’d find better food. i figured it was a mod causing the bug. Fast forwarding too much can mean death in a few minutes or even seconds. As well it’s not common to deal with a rotting corpse like you see on TV. Usually clearing the road and stoping the fly sounds, if you're not living around those corpses there isn't really a benefit. It can take around 5 minutes to burn the pile. too bad these "wheelie bins" cant be moved by pushing them anymore, like you could back in the pre-2013 version on the game. Is sickness bugged? :: Project Zomboid Genel Tartışmalar. "more prone" = colds/flu/wound infection (normal) , has NO effect on zombification chance (thin skin does change chance of zombification) "faster zombification" IF you get zombified you will die faster. If you're in a rush, you have one other option as well. HordeNight Starting Hour: At which hour would the HordeNight start. Corpse Sickness is Probably the Most Obnoxious Mechanic in the Game. Only lemongrass helps (it has a cooldown), food would only partially counteract the health loss from fever. But be careful not to catch yourself on fire and do it away from your safehouse. On 1/31/2022 at 4:57 AM, Tykvesh said: You can learn more about Sickness moodle here. No help is coming – their continued survival relies on their own cunning, luck and …. Corpse sickness is spread through contact with …. Died of sickness but I don't know why?? : r/projectzomboid. Tried the Blind character mod and ended up dying from corpse sickness even though all the bodies were outside. Here are the best content by the team thcsnguyenthanhson. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess no, it doesn't effect. Very hard to find note or catch random radio info about place where rescue will come …. Corpse sickness will pretty much always kill you if you try to sleep through it. Can I Find THE CURE in Project Zomboid?. Reaching zero health leads to immediate and permanent death. No matter what force is keeping those zombies going (so long as it isn't magic [which it clearly isn't]) the corpses rot and . After restarting a couple of times I noticed that my character keeps getting sick, eventually getting a fever, suffering massive injuries out of the blue and dying (or a good swig of chlorox to get it over with). Eat a large meal before going to sleep. My health was good before going to bed. But just walking away a little bit or having them kinda spread out sorts it out pretty quick and it doesn't seem to do much. The body decomposes but the zombie is still set to revive. Otherwise, normally just stacking them on a campfire should work, though it often may appear the corpse is slightly off due to how it's "model" is, but they usually burn anyway. Sleep helps you heal faster but you still heal from being idle. There's no pill equivalent in the game for this, now that I think about it. Lemongrass if you got any, but that's it. Is there a mod that makes me not worry about zombie decay?. It does actually take some time to get sick, but it is a thing for sure. It does not protect against engine fumes …. I might have lost some loot on some, in a horde that I ended up running from. Corpse sickness made the project take 2 hours :(. I can't remember the name of the mod but it works with gas masks and other stuff like that, not 100% sure about the hazmat tho. Stay away from bodies for a good while and you should be good to go if it's corpse sickness. Resilient is immune to corpse sickness; Resilient has decreased odds Project Zomboid, Rebel Inc: Escalation, Sands of Salzaar, Solasta: Crown . I bury corpses of my former characters but burn the general dead. I don't really know why I die over and over again by it. Join as a member to support me and get access to perks:https://www. Place the corpses in a pile, and then equip a full Gas can. I was just clearing out a military base to have as my own base when suddenly i started feeling queasy. January 1994 there was another blizzard (reached down to nearly -40°F in Shelbyville which ain't far from Muldraugh). The game ran much smoother when i first started playing on this file. corpse sickness isnt the only thing you have to worry about, since with a recent update zombie corpses now have a chance to be "fake dead" and get back up again after you've killed them, so you'll want to dispose of as many corpses as you can, either via burial, deletion via dumpsters, or burn piles. Now I have around 75% of REGULARITY on push-ups and each gives my character 6,2 XP instead of 4. It generally doesn't get that cold, but occasionally shit freezes over. Denim or Leather too, to turn into strips. The initial outbreak is where you will see the most death, especially in a world where the idea of zombies never existed ( (Walking Dead)). We also recommend making sure you eat well until you get the green well-fed moodle. If queasy is based on food poisoning, lemon grass from foraging can reduce it by some amount, which might or might not be enough to get rid of the moodle. Then change points: (points depends on choosed profession). You were prob unlucky and have the zombie virus. So if I assume that you mean rotten then nobody can eat those, but it would likely kill a character with weak stomach much faster. Fast Way to move Bodies : r/projectzomboid. mods will be mods of course, so test in vanilla first to rule out mod bug or unwanted author shenanigans. Knox Infection (commonly known as zombie infection) is a highly contagious disease contracted only by humans. The team was at first known for having extremely bad luck as it rushed to meet the schedule to release a demo in 2011. retenaru did a vid on this, corpse sickness occurs when you are within about 13 tiles of 20 or more corpses. Other specific masks as surgical masks half protection at 100% condition. This is a preview, your comment will be visible . The description is (as is so often the case in this game) pretty vague so I'll …. Its OTHER people that become the main problem. Build a fire and place it wherever you want but but before lighting it “Grab” bodies one by one, stand in the middle of the fire and right click to “Drop corpse”, this will make sure the body will be in the fire regardless of where the game shows it ending up. This disease can turn a survivor into a zombie within a matter of days, making it a significant threat to anyone trying to survive in the game. You are reading about how to get rid of fever project zomboid. Should corpse sickness be able to kill you from healthy. Stack all the bodies into a giant pile and then find a fuel can (check gas stations / warehouses) + lighter then right click the bodies and you have an option to burn them, there will just be a pile of ash left. Eat well, sleep regularly; take it easy and don't. Most importantly, I feel that the gas masks you can find in this game should provide immunity to corpse sickness while they are worn. YouTube™ Video: What Is Corpse Sickness And How To Survive It In Project …. Összes Témák Képernyőmentések Alkotások Közvetítések Videók Műhely Hírek Útmutatók Értékelések how long did it take to actually die from corpse sickness lol, i think last time i played i would only cough when i …. hearing random gun shots in single player. It occurs at 70% total body wetness. The right click option to drop the corpse must be done on the ground, not the "item"/corpse in your inventory. I've actually gotten sick just while trying to clear a massive amount bodies. Staying near a large amount of corpses for an extended period of time will make you queasy, and ultimately you'll die if you don't get away from them, but it isn't a guaranteed death! Once you've distanced yourself, the sick moodlets should eventually go away. The time required to burry 1000 corpses is just absurd anyway (also if you are like me and strip them of anything useful). I think a recent patch made corpse sickness come on faster. Watched this happen to a streamer yesterday. Selecting the hypochondriac trait means that your character will "feel" the effects of illnesses without actually having them, eventually returning to normal. They can give you corpse sickness if you stay around them for too long. Zombies now occasionally spawn with a facemask or respirator equipped. The sickness moodle pops up occasionally, but I've never seen it go above Nauseous (level 2). These once human citizens of Knox Country roam the landscape in the thousands. You can bring a fuck-ton of ginseng to keep the exhaustion at bay, and vitamins for the tiredness. What I heard that might help is to make a pile of corpses, and throw a cocktail molotov, haven't tried it, yet, but already putting the …. Once all the bodies are piled up, start the fire. March of 1993 had a terrible blizzard just before the game starts. I think you only get it indoors in the same room or outdoors if you're close enough to hear flies buzzing. Jail-Build/Husk Trapping Strategies Compilation [Part 1/4: Showcase] (Remember Jail-builds can be integrated into a KILL build and are quite effective as those trapped husks are under your mercy) 76. I'd like corpses to be permanent, so I have 'Time before corpse removal' set to -1 in the sandbox settings. Use NPC mods to collect them for you, put them manually in dumpsters or mass graves. So you are more likely to catch a cold if you are out in the cold while wet. Obviously a gas mask won't help you if you stand in an enclosed room with a running generator, that. How do I install this freezer? : r/projectzomboid. Can i run project zomboid on laptop dell latitude 3450 i5 intel hd 5500 graphics gpu and 12 ram without overheat? Reply DuckPlays750 • It's corpse sickness. Danger Moodles (Disease) BROKEN: Something was updated/changed recently that has broken the ability to check the blood level of clothing and/or tile squares. eating 1 burnt rotten meat and 1 cooked rotten meat first reduced health to 15, and "peaks" at 100 points of food sickness (killing you via sickness feaver) Lastly testing with "corpse sickness" (quotation marks cause corpse sickness increased FoodSicknessLevel and doesn't have. Just chill somewhere where it's clean and you'll be good. Todo Discusiones Capturas Artwork Retransmisiones Vídeos Workshop Noticias Guías Reseñas Besides food illness and corpse sickness, there is generator fumes when running one indoors. - Select an exercise (some require items, like dumbbell), select how much time and click ok. Spiffo enjoys being self-sustainable. Eat well, sleep regularly; take it. 1) Don't play in the rain, you get wet & get sick easier. move the bodies away, maybe 20 squares should do. We need your help to get the wiki updated to build 41! Want to get started? …. Otherwise, without lemongrass, I'm pretty sure it is a death sentence. For some reason not even getting a cold gives you queasy / sickness. I don't generally mess with burying things. Idk if its a mechanic in game, but booze is a blood thinner. Mainly it’s just 3 days old max after they died of a heart attack in their cold apartment. Corpse Sickness starts when there are 13 or more corpses in a radius of 13 squares from you. Dont know about different floors, but it'd make some sense programming wise if it would also stop it. What Is Corpse Sickness And How To Survive It In Project Zomboid Retanaru 36K subscribers 130K views 9 months ago What is corpse sickness? How far does it reach? How can I hide from it?. After death an infected body will arise as a zombie. Please note, this is a guide for in-game items only -----Headphones: https://amzn. Head bandanas can rarely be found on civilian zombies in most areas that zombies spawn. I didn't eat rotten or burnt food. Debug mode is a modified game state in Project Zomboid. You need that fuel to burn corpses. Depending on settings you have between 30 seconds. What Is Corpse Sickness And How To Survive It In Project ZomboidWhat Is Corpse Sickness And How To Survive It In…. This info prolly wont help until ur next play threw but theres a sandbox setting that turns off corpse sickness or at least lowers it. In all of my runs I have never once gotten even the first stage of corpse sickness, I just make sure there is no corpses inside my house and don't spend a long time standing around areas where I fought hordes. I use to burn them, but now I use sans box and they rot away on like 5-7 days. I saw something like that in vehicle mechanics section. You're just getting very bad luck. It will start out as queasy and progress the same way as being infected does in regards to feeling sick as you stay near corpses longer and longer. The weapon can be attached to a Holster or Double Holster for quick access and weight reduction. Project Zomboid: An isometric zombie survival simulation / role playing game…. Project Zomboid | Basic | Corpse Sickness? | Ep 7. In addition, there’s a high chance of zombies lying down and hiding in the corpse, pretending to be dead, and then suddenly harming you. Zoutezee • 6 days ago To be honest, you shouldn't even be able to sleep near it. 78🪓Join Our Community Server🪓https://discord. Normal Corpse Decay will eventually kill you if you continue to sit on a pile of bodies for a few days. If You have a huge pile of those, it will lag as hell. theres a useful mod called throw them out the window which let's you dump corpses out of windows instead of having to jump out the window to drop the corpse on the ground. If I recall this case can be caused by either trait mod or clothing mod. Power off since 1 month, water off for about 1/2 month. Common Mallow will reduce fever, I think. 170% chance of catching a cold, 120% cold strength and 150% cold progression speed. Todo Discusiones Capturas Artwork Retransmisiones Vídeos Workshop Noticias Guías Reseñas how long did it take to actually die from corpse sickness lol, i think last time i played i would only cough when i stood on a rotting corpse #6. In the meantime, you have to use a mod. I burnt my first body today and had a shovel on me which gave me the option to clear the ashes :) Oh perfect, hopefully I find one soon (I have a snow shovel, I'll see if it lets me remove the ash. I died yesterday in a 14-day long run when my character suddenly got sick, and in 5 minutes tops I was dead. Medical supplies in Project Zomboid. It’s whatever you feel is fun/fair. Remember to strip the bodies of watches and tearable clothes for electrical and tailoring, and stuff them with trash before burial. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews @Mugen That is pretty funny ngl, though you shouldn't get sick from eating cooked corpse meat (you need to wait an additional 1 second after it "finishes" cooking for it to actually be cooked, if you see it start burning then you're good). That's about an entire day before you get a fever. Next is bleeding to death if the wound isn't bandaged. The M1911 Pistol is a semi-automatic pistol-caliber handgun chambered in. The Health Panel The characters' health is displayed in the health window, which is accessible by clicking the heart icon on the upper left side of the screen or by pressing H. I saw a vid on corpse sickness recently where he said once there are 20 corpses in an area youll get flies an therefore sickness , you need to be 13 tiles away to avoid it. If you’re in a rush, you have one other option as well. Therefore, you should only eat 1 lemongrass each time you’re sick to reduce sickness and preserve the rest. A fever has several negative impacts such as making you weaker and unable to carry as much weight. From Main Menu, select options >> select mods tab. Все Besides food illness and corpse sickness, there is generator fumes when running one indoors. Even a bite can only make you very very sick (can kill you with sickness hp drain) but you can survive past the bite. Light the campfire with a lighter or matches and wait. We need your help to get the wiki updated to build 41! Want to get …. If you are playing a ‘apocalypse’ where people can be immune to the infection, then it’s fine. Killed by sickness [Build 41] My number 1 reason to die is by sickness, despite playing with zombie infection turned off. There is no new infection from zombies, just the general nastiness of having rotten corpse stuff going into your blood stream. It also needs to despawn the oldest, non-player-corpse zombie when a certain number exist in the loaded area, or large numbers of corpses kill performance. There's also the Exquease Me? mod which I prefer since it feels more balanced. Answering your first question, the maggots has the same happiness malus that others creepy crawlers do, iirc, but they don't make you sick. Are there any mod to show the sickness level or something like that? Because 3 of us died with no reason and when we thougt that could be it we have gone so far of the corpses trying to fight the sickness but had no results At least we. Funny, but still probably wont kill you. If it's fatal it's probably a sign that you got infected by a zombie. It is 99% the answer to all these posts. 125% progression rate of zombification. All of a sudden, I woke up in the middle of the night with terminal damage and just dropped dead. How to deal with corpse sickness : r/projectzomboid. Project Zomboid – How to Get Rid of Corpses. Asked him to cook me something, he made a stir fry. The time does not matter, only the ammount, over 20 or something and you will get sick if you stick around for too long. if your base is close enough for the flies to be heard, then you are too close. if you have too much corpses you'll get corpse sickness so just avoid the area. Maybe they could make them useful in multiplayer by having sickness (normal sickness not zombie virus) spread between players through air and so the sick player could use the mask to protect the others. Once you have them all on top, you can simply light the fire to have the fire spread through all of the zombie corpses. Project Zomboid is the zombie game i dreamed of having at 15, but am thrilled to have now at 32 r/projectzomboid • The helicopter went horribly, horribly wrong. 45 Auto Round, fed by a 7 round magazine. Players will usually get this moodle if they get a slight injury, from scratches, carrying too much. Drenched: The character is very wet from being in the rain for too long, or from overexertion, and is likely to become sick as a result. Corpse sickness inside effects the entire floor regardless of size (i think, may have to double check but im pretty sure it does) and goes through all rooms. Heal Sickness :: Project Zomboid Общие обсуждения. If your sickness persists after getting way from the corpses, and if your character is Anxious despite having no effects that cause anxious (for example, getting enough smokes as a smoker), then one of your wounds carried the virus and you should think about. The coughing and sneezing will get you killed. Steam Workshop::Danger Moodles (Disease). It could be corpse sickness, food poisoning, too many vitamins, all kinds of stuff. Besides food illness and corpse sickness, there is generator fumes when running one indoors. ‘This is how you died’ start a new character and go. The wound infection is not to be confused with zombie infection. quitting and reloading never worked for me. Shove again to cover the grave. The Project Zomboid First Aid skill is one of the most important skills in the game and will ensure you can survive your non-fatal injuries and last well into the apocalypse. Hi everyone I’ve put in about 100 hrs over the last few weeks since multiplayer, majority of hours in multi with a few friends. It isn't like you're infected unless …. < 1 2 > Showing 1 - 15 of 16 comments Sick Boy Oct 5, 2020 @ 1:00am If you spend too much time around corpses they will make you sick. - Added compatibility patch for "Working Masks" mod. The subreddit for Project Zomboid. With Campfire Materials in your main inventory, right click on the ground to build a fire. Bandanas can be found on several zombie variants. Corpses and Sickness : r/projectzomboid. why is corpse sickness always fatal ? :: Project Zomboid Thảo …. Corpse sickness will kill you but even after it starts you should still heal if you just stay away from them for a bit. If you find that when you get sick, you also have the stressed/anxious/nervous moodle, you got infected. These can be found in clinics, bathrooms and zombies across the map. You can get sick from being around dead body’s to long (idk if its a mod but a medical mask gives you a 75% chance to get infected an a gas mask 0% chance of infection) or rotten food. If you’re in the house they won’t affect you. Both the normal gas mask and nbc gas mask will do nothing while standing next to dead bodies. It will take time to get rid of Sick moodles, and the best way to do it is by resting. We need your help to get the wiki updated to build 41! Want to get started? See the community portal or join the discussion on the official Discord (pzwiki_editing). Soaking: The character is quite wet from being in the rain for too long, or from overexertion, and may become sick as a result. Corpse decay :: Project Zomboid General Discussions. ARK Survival Evolved All Server Settings. It would be another splash of realism and detail. Craft a campfire kit using 2 logs or 3 planks and fuel (e. 10 project zomboid tips and tricks 2021In Project Zomboid, You need to eat, sleep, drink, and avoid the ever-present zombie hordes. What to do if you get bitten in Project Zomboid So now you know the bad news. The Deadzones : r/projectzomboid. Equip a weapon and hold right-click to aim in a zombie’s direction. A zombie is the player 's main antagonist in Project Zomboid. This mod adds a lot of facemasks, respirators, and medical mask boxes. Characters that hang around corpses and bloody areas or wear clothing that gets too bloody have a chance of catching a disease and becoming sick. How does weak stomach work? : r/projectzomboid. Project Zomboid: Too many corpses will cause corpse sickness. zombie sickness :: Project Zomboid Γενικές συζητήσεις. It reduces pain, helps you fall asleep, provides calories, and leaves you with some of the best water bottles in the game. TLDR: How to hopefully heal food poisoning. Grab the mods to move/burn corpses and make yourself some nice barbecue Basically, the moment you see Queasy moodle is the moment you SPRINT outta area. One's health is displayed both as a discrete bar in the Health Panel, or as a moodle on the right side of the screen. i had this happen regularly, you can't kill it because the game doesn't register it as a living zombie but you also can't loot it because it doesn't register as dead. Nah i don't think it can kill you, wouldn't make sense. Corpse Sickness :: Project Zomboid 일반 토론">Corpse Sickness :: Project Zomboid 일반 토론. Resilient has decreased odds of being infected by a scratch and laceration. If there is 7 or so corpse in range, the hidden value go up. Anyway it's clear a lot of people have a rough time with it. I think the !!SCIENCE!! on this has not yet been performed. In order for a zombie's attack to inflict a wound on a survivor, it must first hit them, bypass their clothing's protection, and then break. Gas Mask does not protect from corpse sickness, so this is probably the cause. If you are holding a corpse and right click and choose add fuel, and choose the corpse, it will get rid of it even without a fire. Corpse Sickness + Food Poisoning. agreubill Sep 5, 2016 @ 1:18pm. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Or a big one that's easy for folks to overlook is corpse sickness, as in there being a couple hundred rotting zombies around your place.